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                   The coolbiz.com award page is dedicated to only those 
                   pages which demonstrate total coolness.
                   Some of the award winning pages may not be totally
                   tricked out with the latest in graphics techniques but 
                   they have killer content.
                   You will not find links to our friends or relatives here.
                   The award recipient must and will have something worth-
                   while to offer you, the viewer.
                   The board of directors meet on a regular basis to review
                   pages that have been submitted.  So don't be shy, if you
                   think that your page deserves a coolbiz.com award,
                   submit it now. If you don't make it the first time around
                   and you have changed your page, submit it again.

                   If you have been selected as a coolbiz.com award recipient,
                   select one of the icons above and please add
                   this link to your HTML code: http://www.coolbiz.com

                   Thank you, from all of us at coolbiz.com

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