Web page authoring packages are tailor made to suit each company's own needs.
Coolbiz.com is a domain where small business owners can keep their web page
hosted and maintained without the burden of doing it themselves. You are in business
to make money, doing what you do best. Let us assist you by doing what we do best.

You could spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a custom web page and your
own domain name. Fortunately, there is a cost effective alternative and coolbiz.com
is it. Every business, no matter the size, needs a presence on the web, a place to refer
clients and show them what you have to offer.

With coolbiz.com, you'll be easy to find. No confusing addresses for your customers to
remember. Simply type www.coolbiz.com, to get the members list or you can give them
your complete address, ie: www.coolbiz.com/your name

Coolbiz.com also hosts an awards page, designed to boost hits and increase your exposure.

Member Pricing

Basic web page design consisting of 200 words of text, 7 images and a logo is

Hosting your web page for a period of 6 months, with quartarly updates is

To order your coolbiz.com page or for information...e-mail Webmaster@coolbiz.com