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Robo Tour 96

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REASON: Another great show

As I am on the East Coast, somedays are better than others for FTP 'ing up new photos. And as far as my server, well I'm begining to loose patience, and I am looking for a new server with 800 access.... If anyone out there knows of a provider with 800 access and is unlimited time, please send
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Thank you for your patience...

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Roadtrip Image2 Miss Lancaster's
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Robo gets some friendly babes to pet his nose from the flag tower.

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Roadtrip ImageFirst victim
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This was the first car at Lancaster Raceway. This was drag racing night.

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Roadtrip ImageHungry?
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Robo savors the flavor of this poor little car.

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Roadtrip ImageFire truck?
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Better hope your house is not burning.

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