Everyone has all the standard
search engines...
We have searched the web
and here are several of our
favorite search engines.

Movie Link
Search any movie at any theatre here.

Internet Movie Db
Search for a movie, a star, a year...
If it's on film, you'll find it here.

T.V. Guide
T.V. Guide online, need I say more...?

Webster Dictionary
Look up a word, and get a definition here.

Currency Converter
Converts the world currency markets and calculates too.
(updated daily)

Image Finder
Many searchable image databases linked for hundreds of thousands of images.

L.A. Times
If it is or was a news story, you should find it here

FTP Search
If you are looking for downloadable software, check here.

Dead People Server
Wana see if someone is alive or dead...?

Find a Grave
Wana see a picture of a noteworthy persons grave..?

the end...