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A very mellow opening (cool).wav 76K
Calm music.wav 124K
Japanese music.au 127K


Bond, James Bond.wav 30K
Connery, Bond, James Bond.wav 42K
22sec. Goldfinger Song.wav 243K
Just a drink, a martini, shaken not stirred.wav 41K


Bugs, Whats this a letter for me....wav 18K
Bullwinkle, This time for sure.wav 12K
Daffy, Wuahoooo.wav 13K
Dino, yip yip yip yip yip.wav 41K
Snagglepuss, Leave us exit stage left.wav 22K
Bullwinkle, Presto!.wav 19K
RoadRunner, beep beep!.wav 10K
SpeedyGonzales, Ariba Ariba Andale......wav 27K
Tweety, Bad ole' puddy tat.wav 21K
Fred, Yabadabadooo.wav 64K
Yogi, I repeate sir, where's the goodies.wav 33K


Funny 911 call.wav 80K
Helicopter.wav 100K
Gong.wav 33K
M-60 Machine Gun.wav 39K
Stomp sound.wav 7K
Trumpet, Taps.wav 51K


Mmmm Beer.wav 27K
(Father)Helloooo.wav 47K
Huuu, computers can do that.wav 39K
The mail, the mail is here, woooo.wav 31K
Nacho nacho man, i want to be....wav 63K
God bless those pegans.wav 19K
No time now, the computer is starting.wav 22K


Jingle.wav 57K
Doorbell.wav 60K
Car comming.wav 95K
Car going.wav 105K
Car passing.wav 43K


Arnold, My central nervous system is....wav 73K
Cheech, Whats the hastle, man.wav 33K
Our man flint wake up.wav 26K
Brando, Make him an offer he....wav 25K
HAL, My mind is going I can feel it.wav 42K
Hanks, Houston we have a problem.wav 14K
(Loud speaker) Attention, Attention.wav 19K
Whats your name, scumbag.wav 19K
Back to Future..Serious....wav 108K
*M*A*S*H* Whistle.wav 7K


(Question)Uaaa.wav 10K
(Manly)UhUhuH.wav 14K
The reason we became parents is.....wav 35K
Male power.....wav 59K


Flip Phone.wav 11K
Flip Phone2.wav 59K
Kirk, Energize.wav 12K
Spock, Greetings and felisitations.wav 46K
Lohura, Hailing frequency open sir.wav 23K
Kirk, Spock, the computer, destroy it!.wav 21K
Kirk, Ship to ship.....wav 30K
Trek Door.wav 11K


Intro Music.wav 110K
Starship, doorbell.wav 32K
Starship, doorbell 2.wav 19K
Computer, Please abort.....wav 53K
Computer, Procedure not recomended.wav 27K
Recomend we avoid contact.wav 37K
Borg,Streanth is erelivant, resistance is...wav 52K
Borg, If you do not cooperate we will....wav 51K
Data, The term artificial life form would .....wav 14K
Data, Key universal translator please.wav 10K
Data, Computer identify please.wav 17K
#1, Energise.wav 14K
Piccard, Engage.wav 14K
Piccard, computer, exit.wav 44K
Piccard, Make it so.wav 13K
Piccard, Proceed.wav 11K
Piccard, Red alert, all crew to....wav 87K
Piccard, Attention all decks.wav 12K
Warf, I do not play with toys.wav 10K


Gomer, Terrible terrible terrible.wav 16K
Soupy Sales? Green eggs and ham.wav 50K
Archie Bunker, You are a meathead.wav 18K
Mission Impossible, This tape will....wav 30K
Addams Family, Mails in..wav 13K
Doctor Cosmo Crammer, Proctology.wav 46K
Squad-51 beeps.wav 34K
Lost in Space Robot, Warning.au 11K


Bevis, Check this out....wav 117K
Bevis, Im gettin a boner.wav 48K
Ren, Something came out of your butt.wav 58K
Butthead, Bevis you gota get a whiff....wav 88K
Monty Pithon, Spam.wav 12K

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