Line with eyes Image, Robo tearing & burning car
A recent performance by Robosaurus (tm)
Raceway Park Englishtown, NJ

Image, Robo eating A4 Jet
A recent performance by Robosaurus (tm)
Miramar Airshow, CA

Click here for a cool animated gif of Robo tearing a car in half.

    Fun Robo Facts...

    • Michael Ryder was the Robosaurus Pilot from 1-4-90 to 12-31-96
    • Robosaurus is the worlds largest entertainment robot
    • Robo is also a street legal trailer (transformer) weighing in at 62,000 lbs
    • It has over 300,000 highway miles logged.
    • It took 8 men 20 months to construct, many double shifts.
    • 2000 lbs of welding rod was used in the structural building of Robo
    • There are over 2000 feet of Parker hydraulic hose, being used as his veins.
    • Robo's feet are 150 psi 15 ply Goodyear mining tires.
    • The custom sheet metal, repairs and upgrades are provided by Sessa Mfg.
    • Robosaurus construction costs exceeded 2.1 Million U.S. Dollars.
    • How Robosaurus Really works
    • Robosaurus SHOW SCHEDULE
    • Robo has a site click here for merchandise information. VHS Image

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